Cancer Information – Just for YOU!

1 in 4 will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime. Cancer is EVERYONE’s battle!

Almost all Physicians are required by their States and/or credentialing body to maintain Continuing Medical Education (CME) credits within their specialty of practice, every year. Medicine is constantly changing and we have to stay current of all the new developments in our specialty. This is even more critical in the Oncology (cancer ) world. While we as physicians have the access to staying current, it is more challenging for others. Most patients diagnosed with cancer, those who care for them, and curious individuals do not have easy access to Cancer Doctors to answer questions about common cancer diagnosis, treatments, side effects, etc.,

empower, enhance, enable and engageOf course, there are lots of information on the internet, but do you understand what you are reading? Searching the meaning of one word, may lead to searching for another, and so on.  Would be comfortable with the information read to make an informed decision regarding the best treatment for you? Yes, you can trust your physician explicitly, but if you are like, there is an itch of “I need to know” that must be scratched. Follow along with me, as I review some basic principles on advocacy that can be applied to self and/or others.  Know some basic questions to ask about your cancer, treatment options, expected side effects and more. You are not just a number. You are not just a statistics.  Follow along on this personable platform and learn nuggets of knowledge from a Board Certified Oncologist.

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Queen – Your Family Friendly Cancer Doc!


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