Suspicious – Is It Cancer?

Thoughtful man looking through the windowThe “C” word. Even before a diagnosis of “Cancer” is given, the anxiety producing waiting period can be quite maddening. The associated apprehension with waiting for the results of CT (Cat) scan, MRI’s, biopsies and much more, can create quite a mental cocoon effect for majority of patients, especially when they had no idea what a “CT/Cat scan” was until a few days ago, or the difference between a CT and MRI scan and/or why an additional MRI is needed. Tissue from where? Intrusive. Loss of control. Terrifying. Are some of the common words used to share the new and initial experience. But please know that you are not alone.

Multi ethnic people portraitsEvery year, thousands of people personally encounter cancer. The new statistics note that 1 in 4 people will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime. Something such as cancer is usually thought to be distant and affect others because – (I’m) too young, not in my family, at the height of career, good person, great shape, non-smoker, religious, kind, don’t curse, etc., But when brought face-to-face with cancer, for the first time, many are forced to think about death and dying.  In most cases, a cancer diagnosis does NOT equal a death sentence. Many diagnosed with cancer are now living free of cancer for many years, others are living longer even with advance disease.

A cancer diagnosis is tough. It just is … tough. However, with knowledge and understanding of the diagnosis and treatment process, expected side effects, questions to ask your cancer team, and more, the process will be … palatable and manageable. Hope is the key ingredient.

Come with me on this educational journey…


Remember …Ipsa Scientia Potestas est    ———  Knowledge itself is power!

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